Transaction Coordinator Mini Training

$17.00 $37.00

Get the Exclusive Mini-Training For Aspiring Virtual Real Estate Transaction Coordinators

Gain the clarity you need about becoming a Real Estate Transaction Coordinator and learn how you can work from home so you can have the freedom and flexibility you desire. 

Get immediate access to this printable PDF, a curated list of TC resources, PLUS an audio version to listen to on the go bonus!

➡️ This easy-to-understand mini-training is the quickest way to learn what a Real Estate Transaction Coordinator is, does, and how to become one.

➡️ Get useful answers to the most common questions I get asked about becoming a Transaction Coordinator.

➡️ Get detailed Transaction Coordinator resources so you can get started today. You don't want to invest time and energy into something that won't pay off in the end.

Making the decision can be tough, especially if you're not sure if this is the right path for you. 

You don't want to invest time and energy into something that won't pay off in the end.

Take the guesswork out and get answers to your most burning questions about becoming a real estate transaction coordinator.
What is a Transaction Coordinator exactly?


  • What does a Transaction Coordinator do?

  • Do I need a real estate license?

  • Can I make enough money to support my family?

  • How do I find clients when I'm new?

  • Can I start part-time, when I work another job?

  • Do I have to be available nights and weekends like agents are?

  • How do I get certified?

  • There are no TCs in my area. Are you sure this is even a "thing"?


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Marilyn Chandler
Concise And Understandable

For me it was worth the money.. To get a complete understanding what Transaction Coordinator is.. to helpmeet make a informed decision.

Gina Hammond
TC Mini Training

This was just what I needed in order for me to make the decision with moving forward to do the TC Bootcamp Program. It touched on all the basic information you would need to know about becoming a TC, and answered a lot of my questions I had about being a TC. Thank you Joni!

TC For Realtor

Very informed detailed presentation

Constance Richardson
Informative Pre-View For The Bootcamp

I found the Transaction Coordinator Mini Training to be informative. I thought it would go more in depth as to WHAT to expect, being a Transaction Coordinator. That is where I assume the bootcamp comes in to play. I was not sure if I my current job would be considered an a Transaction Coordinator, or not. Turns out, my current job IS partially a Transaction Coordinator. It made me feel more comfortable, that I would be able to do this job, since I'm already doing it.

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